Discover how

to win back

without chasing

Learn how to win back love with a quick and simple method, without having to humiliate yourself.

Is your relationship over or cold and you want a new chance?

Pay close attention to what I have prepared here.

Either you learn to act correctly or you will make the situation even worse.

⚠️ Call and ask for forgiveness;

⚠️ Cry and apologize;

⚠️ Declaring your love;

⚠️ Begging to come back;

⚠️ Chase;

⚠️ Ask for one more chance;

⚠️ Try to convince the person that you have changed;

⚠️ Going out there wanting to show you’re happy;

⚠️ Post hints on social media;

⚠️ Be proud and do nothing;

All of this will make the situation worse and your relationship could end for good if you are doing this…

Not knowing what to do in the critical moments of the relationship and at the time of reconciliation, letting feelings guide actions is why you still haven’t won back.

And time is your enemy!

Every minute, you push away the chances of getting your love back, for not knowing how to awaken in her the desire to be with you…

But calm down!

If you want to win back, you need to invest a few minutes now to discover the whole secret of winning back.

I’m going to teach you how to do all of this quickly and simply, with a method I’ve developed based on years of clinical practice with couples.

It works for everyone!

Works for all ages;

Works for all sexual orientations;

It works if you cheated and regretted it (use the method responsibly);

It works if your love ended and you want to win it back;

It works for those who broke up and want to win back;

How to develop emotional control after the breakup;

How to eliminate negative emotions after breakup;

How to win back even being blocked;

How to win back when she (e) is already with someone else;


Now, I need

to tell you
a hard truth…

its reconquest can only be possible if you manage to remove the:

Emotional Noises

Emotional noise acts as a barrier that prevents you from awakening the other person’s love and desire.

Relationships that had everything to work out end up on account of emotional noise.

Because of the noise, they prefer to give up the relationship and start everything from scratch.

But then, how
to eliminate

 this emotional barrier?

To break the emotional noise and make the process of reconquest possible, it is necessary to activate a series of actions in your lover’s head:

Mental Triggers

It's not witchcraft

it's not sympathy

it's not magic

it's science

If you use the right triggers, in the order and the way I teach them in my course, you will break through these emotional barriers.

Mental triggers are gestures, images, actions, sounds that activate the emotional side of the brain and control decision making.

If you master them, you can easily break the emotional noise created after the breakup.


You need to learn to master YOUR emotions.

It is in this post-breakup moment that emotions are most at the surface, that you need to learn techniques to strengthen yourself.

Following these emotions is the NUMBER 1 cause of the main mistakes, like running after and humiliating yourself, for example…

These errors
are critical

They push their love further away from you…

Do you really want to see your ex with someone else because you made mistakes in getting back together?

I am sure that it is not!

Following my method:

It is she (e) who will rethink and come after you

And you'll be sure what to do when that happens, not missing any opportunity to come back...

Even if you are blocked;

Even if something serious has happened, like betrayal;

Even if you've already done it the wrong way trying to win back your ex;

You will increase your chances of regaining love by up to 10x.

While most are doing everything wrong, you will know step by step in a practical way.

Is this a miraculous, esoteric method, that out of nowhere things will happen?

Honestly no.

You will need to get off the couch!

Get up and be willing to follow my step by step to live amazing moments with your love again.

One thing I guarantee you…

Once you start following everything I’m going to share with you, you won’t regret it!

And when you have love in your arms again, you’ll be sure that it was all worth it.

My team and I receive new testimonials every day and I’ve separated some for you…

This method works because it is based on practice…

Years working at the clinic, doing more than 700 mentorships a year, helping to rebuild hundreds of relationships…

I discovered the Reconquista method!


And all this supported by


And these pillars support the reconquest calendar, so you can be clear about what to do and how to follow the pillars correctly…

Literally you will know exactly what to do at every step!

Within the Formula 3.0 course, you receive:

40 video lessons

Short video lessons, because no one has time to waste.

With practical exercises for you to learn and execute on time.

Complementary material

Here I deliver summaries of classes and beyond that…

Ready messages
ctrl-c  // ctrl-v

At the end of the module I prepared a series of tested messages that activate the right triggers for you to use.

Very Powerful Messages You Can Use When Entering the REARMAGE Phase

Now I need to ask you:

How much does it cost

to have
your love


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Your next actions now will determine the status of your relationship.

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