The Reconquest Formula 3.0: how to get your ex back

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The most complete kit that delivers EVERYTHING you need to know to win back a lover even if you are completely lost

Reconquest by WhatsApp

With 20 ready-made messages, just copy and send (including the powerful Beware the Dog message)

How to win back when blocked on social media

How to win back when your love is already dating someone else

How to win back when your love is already dating someone else

How to deal with the mess that a breakup brings

6 POWERFUL bonus:

1) Creating emotional connection

Find out how to reconnect and emotionally connect with your love with these 37 surprising questions.

$ 19,00   >  $ 00,00

2) Using Mental Triggers

Discover how to use powerful Mental Triggers to win back without running back (use responsibly)

$ 19,00  >  $ 00,00

3) Generating Desire

Make the person see you with new eyes, creating an extremely attractive personality

$ 39,90 > $ 00,00

4) Win back through Stories

I’ll teach you how to use Instagram or WhatsApp Stories to make people talk to you

$ 19,00  >  $ 00,00

5) Calendar of Movements

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that being the author of your movement is a life motto

$ 9,00  >  $ 00,00

6) Work, home or children?

Working with an ex, living or having children requires specific attitudes for these situations. I will show you how to act in these cases.

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All this bonus content added up would cost:

$ 133,90

However, I am giving you 100% free, to facilitate your reconquest process.

To have access to all this material, and the bonuses I mentioned above, the investment value is only:

$ 97

Why are you unable to win back your love?

Hello, I’m Nicolas Corrêa, nice to meet you.


You can ask me:


“Nicolas, I’ve already begged, I’ve already declared my love, I’ve run after it, I’ve tried everything… why haven’t I managed yet?”


The real problem preventing you from winning back is that your love has created an emotional noise with you and is no longer paying attention to what you say.


If you’re doing everything and you can’t win back, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. It must be because of the emotional noise your love has created towards you. Unlocking this noise is the best way to potentiate your reconquest.


It’s all about getting rid of that goddamn emotional noise.

Breaking the EMOTIONAL NOISE and sending the Beware the Dog message is the key to increasing your chances of getting your love back.

Pay close attention to the next lines, they contain something new, unique and EXCLUSIVE.


You are about to meet a NEW REVOLUTIONARY Method that helps you win back your great love.


This powerful Method is for those who feel LOST and want to discover the RIGHT attitudes to boost their chances of winning back their love up to 10x faster.


But calm down: what I’m going to teach you is not miraculous. No one in this world can guarantee with 100% certainty that you will win back. But I will help you stop making mistakes and have the RIGHT attitudes from now on.

Some benefits my students have achieved:

Win back a love

Build an extraordinary relationship

Develop a strong and attractive personality

And become the author of your movement!

What are you waiting for?

There are more than 5,000 students every year. The best selling course and with the best rating on Hotmart. Give this chance to you and learn today what to do to maximize your chances of winning back your love. The course goes far beyond reconquest. You’ll also find secrets of human behavior and ways to use mental triggers to your advantage. There’s nothing more powerful than that. Login now!

The method is based on 4 pillars, building them you increase the chances of reconquest

1. Avoid classic mistakes: in the reconquest process you encounter many difficulties and doubts. The tendency is to always make the same mistakes. Knowing what they are and how to avoid them is critical.

2. Carry out the CMN: this step is counter-intuitive, as there will be a deliberate departure on your part. It will be a VERY important move, because it is with it that we will calm the emotional noises created by the breakup.

3. Become the author of your movement: it’s time to develop. Build a strong and attractive personality by focusing on individual movement. With this step you activate the mental triggers of novelty and scarcity.

4. The rapprochement: and finally the reunion stage. What message to send? Where do I call the person? Do I invite you on a date? What do I say and do on the date? All these questions I answer in this module.

Deepen your
self-knowledge and go beyond
just winning back your love  

Understand all the factors that enhance your
reconquest and know how to use them correctly.
A daily practice that strengthens your personality
and makes you more attractive. Learn how to apply
everything in a real way and not juststay in Theory.

Through The Reconquest Formula 3.0 course, you will rebuild a mature relationship by:

  • Strengthen your personality and make you more attractive.
  • Learning to deal with her feelings at this difficult time.
  • Adopt a mature, direct and attractive posture.
  • Discover what will make you win back and what will make you walk away.
  • Acquire tools to enhance your reconquest, such as temperaments, mental triggers and many others.

It was made For whom the course The Reconquest Formula 3.0:

It works for you who ended the relationship, are suffering from the breakup and want to win back.

For you man between 18 and 57 years old who wants to win back his beloved!

For you Woman between 18 and 57 years old who wants to win back her beloved!

For you even if you are blocked on social media.

For those who haven’t finished yet but the relationship is hanging by a thread.

It works even if you’ve already made all the classic reconquest mistakes.

How is the content distributed?

Our plans suit all profiles

Phase 1 | The trail of reconquest

In this phase you will discover your type of reconquest, which paths and choices you should follow. In addition, you will learn about self-knowledge and getting to know the other. This is to provide personal development.

Phase 2 | Minimum Contact Required

At this stage you will find out whether or not to do the CMN, and if you need to, how to do it. What to do if your ex calls you, what to say and how to react? How long to get away? How to resolve the emotional noise generated by the breakup? How to use social media to your advantage? All and more questions will be answered at this stage.

Phase 3 | Get off the couch and move

Here we will talk about becoming the author of your movement. How to become interesting and attractive. What are the 3 supreme movements and what areas do they work in your life. These movements will be responsible for activating mental triggers in the future, in your ex.

Phase 4 | Towards the reconquest

Finally, the rapprochement process. Examples of messages for you to use and get your love’s attention. How to behave to increase your chances on first dates. And last but not least, the secret to getting your love back.

Unique investment condition in the course

Special condition to purchase The Reconquest Formula 3.0 course


You have an UNCONDITIONAL 7-day guarantee. Test without commitment.

If you don’t think The Reconquest Formula 3.0 course is for you, you can cancel for any reason within 7 days of purchase and I will refund 100% of the amount paid.

Meet the teacher

Nice to meet you, my name is Nicolas Corrêa and I’m a relationship mentor.


What motivates me to continue every day on social media, and in the more than 700 Mentorships I do during the year, is receiving dozens of testimonials from my students. That’s why I consider myself a collector of good stories.


Realizing that in some way I contributed to couples being reconciled. Finally making a dream come true that seemed so far away.


My mission is:

promote individual movement to foster healthy relationships.

Nicolas Correa Team

Mentor Nicolas Correa

Nicolas Correa Official Instagram


Where will I receive the data to access the course?

Após o pagamento, você receberá automaticamente em seu e-mail cadastrado os seus dados de acesso. É importante que você guarde este e-mail e, como sugestão, pode favoritar em seu navegador a página de acesso ao treinamento. Caso não encontre este e-mail, procure em sua caixa de spam. Se ainda não encontrar, entre em contato com a equipe de Suporte através do e-mail.

Are the classes all online?

Yes, all 50 classes are online in video with support materials such as e-books in pdf available. Once your payment has been made in our system, you will have immediate access to the full course content for 1 year. All access data will be sent via email.

How does the guarantee work?

After purchase, you have a 7-day unconditional guarantee. If for any reason you feel that the program has not lived up to your expectations, you can ask for 100% of your money back. The guarantee is backed by hotmart, the largest sales site for digital products in Brazil.

What are the paying ways?

You can make the payment in four ways: on your credit card, being possible to make the payment in up to 10 installments, through Paypal, by bank slip or PIX. If you choose a bank slip, your registration will only be effective after the payment has been made. It is not possible to pay in installments by bank transfer.

The risk is all mine!

All the risk is with me, you can rest assured about your investment in the Formula da Reconquista 3.0 course, your purchase is risk-free and you have a 7-day guarantee to consume the course content and enjoy the classes.

If during this period you decide that the product isn’t right for you or that it’s not your time yet, that’s fine. Simply request a refund and you will get all your money back.

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